Are family gatherings difficult because of the tension between your divorced parents? Has the joy gone out of the holidays or do you constantly find yourself having to "choose sides"? Join us October 28, 2017 to find out how you can transform the way you think about this season. 


"New mom brain", sleepless nights, learning to LOVE your post-baby body, and so much more will be covered in this 8-week group. Group leaders Veronica Thomas, M.A., TLLP and Jennifer Johnson, GSI will provide support and education as you make the transition to motherhood and enter into the most difficult, and most rewarding, job in the world!


The well-intentioned but potentially devastating comments, the societal pressures, the fluctuating emotions and self-talk. This group will provide you with helpful insight, ample encouragement, and helpful skills so that you will have the confidence, hope, and sense of fulfillment that you deserve.